Friday, February 26, 2010

Signs of Spring Calendar - Last Week of February - Early March

Here is a "Signs of Spring" calender for northeastern MA

4th Week

• First of the returning Red-wing blackbirds appear.
• Starlings, House finches, Cardinals, and other birds begin singing their spring songs. Spring is in the morning air.
• February 28th. Full moon 11:38AM. The Snow or Hunger moon.
• Feb. 28th Sunrise 6:21AM Sunset 5:33PM Length of Day 11 hours 12 minutes


1st Week
• Watch for flights of Mourning cloak butterflies on warm days.
• Watch for emerging Skunk cabbage in moist woodlands as soon as the ground thaws in these areas.
• Check the woodland edges for the swelling buds of pussy willows.
• Mud season is upon us.

2nd Week
• March 14th. Daylight Savings Time begins at 2:00AM.
• March 14th Sunrise 6:58AM Sunset 6:50PM Length of Day 11 hours 52 minutes
• March 15th. New moon 5:03PM
• Migratory American woodcocks return to their breeding grounds. Watch for their courtship flights at dusk over old fields and listen for their “peent” call.
• Red-winged blackbirds, Grackles, and Brown-headed cow birds are steadily returning around now.
• Painted turtles are among the earliest turtles to come out of hibernation. They have even been seen swimming below ice.
I have modeled this after, and drawn heavily from, Mass. Audubon's Monthly Calendar in their Sanctuary magazine.

Here is a link to Mass Audubon's Outdoor Almanac. found on their website.

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