Friday, October 14, 2011

By Golly, By Gum!

By Golly, By Gum experiment sheet.


Getting ready to mass the 5 pieces of gum.

Massing our gum.

Today we practiced using the balance scale and the scientific method by doing the fun experiment, "By Golly, By Gum".  Did question posed was, "What happens to the mass of gum after chewing it for 10 minutes?  We decided that we would first mass the gum, second, we would chew the gum for 10 minutes, third, we would mass the chewed gum, and last, we would compare the results.
We collected a lot of data, and on Monday we will graph it and learn how to read a food label.

Ready, set, chew!

School's pretty cool when I can chew gum!

Recording the data.

Massing the chewed gum.

Here is all of the data we collected in this class.

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