Monday, March 8, 2010

Heat Transfer Projects

The students completed their heat transfer Projects last week. They were great! Kids did Power Point presentations, Home Made Videos, Newspapers, "Big Books", Booklets, Mobiles, Songs, Puppet Shows, Poetry, Activity Books, Dioramas, Illustrated Poster Boards, Custom Tee Shirts, 3-D Models, and others.
Photos of projects from each group are posted on the blog.
Here was the assignment:
Heat Transfer Projects

I want you to demonstrate to me what you have learned about heat energy and how heat travels. You need to select an activity from the list below to show your understanding of either conduction, convection, radiation, heat insulators, heat conductors, or the Electromagnetic Spectrum. You may use your science binder to help you, plus you may use other reference material if needed.
Your work should be original. Do not copy something! Your grade will be based on:
• Your understanding of the concept.
• Creativeness
• Originality
This project is due on or before Thursday, March 4th.
1. Write a poem(s) – You could write an acrostic poem, Haiku, Tanka verse, Limerick, shape or picture style poem, or a traditional style verse.
2. Write a song or rap. It could be an original or you could write lyrics for an existing song.
3. Newspaper – Design and write a page from a newspaper in which you are reporting on heat. It may include an ad, an editorial, etc.
4. Short story – You may elect to write a short story dealing with heat transfer.
5. Comic strip – You could design, illustrate, and write a comic strip having to do with some aspect of heat trasnsfer.
6. Some form of artwork. – Make a sculpture, painting, personalized tee-shirt, 3-D shape, quilt, cross stitch, etc. to show your understanding of some aspect of heat transfer.
7. Puppet show.
8. Homemade video.
9. Book or booklet.
10. Other ???

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