Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Average Speed

Last week we spent some time figuring out Average Speed. We learned that you needed to know the distance traveled and the amount of time it took to travel that distance to figure out the average time. We used the formual Speed = Distance/Time
We did numerous board problems and then we figured out our average walking speed. We set up a 200 foot long course in the corridor to do so.

Finding Average Speed

To find the average speed of an object, you need to know the distance the object traveled and the time it took it to travel that distance. Then you divide the distance by the time. Round off your answer to the nearest0.1 The label will be expressed as distance units per time units, ie., m/sec., miles per hour (MPH), ft./sec., Km/hr.

To help you understand this, you will find out your average walking speed in feet per second (ft./sec.). We will do this in the corridor. Like any good science student, we will do multiple trials. Use the date chart below. Label everything!

Trial 1 Distance Time____________
Trial 2 Distance Time____________
Trial 3 Distance Time____________
Time (Average) ______________

Average Speed = Distance _______ divided by Time ________ = __________


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