Friday, September 25, 2009

Plum Island Bird Migration Field Trip

Today's field trip to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge (Plum Island) and to Sandy Point State Park at the end of the refuge, was very successful!  The weather was super, the kids were great, and the birdwatching/beach combing was very good!
We slowly drove down the 6 mile Refuge road looking for the birds the kids researched in class.

In the morning we saw lots of Great egrets, several Snowy egrets, Gadwall (duck), Green-winged teal, and Double crested cormorants.  The morning crew also found a dead Harbor seal.

  The afternoon group saw the same, but also Sanderlings, Semipalmated sandpipers, Pergrine falcon, Short-billed dowwitcher, and a deer!

At Sandy Point State park, Gary Dow, the Park interpreter, gave the kids a great, short talk about migration.

  We them walked the beach looking for some of our birds and anything else we might discover.

  We ate lunch on the beach!

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