Monday, September 14, 2009

Bird of the Week - l

This week's "Bird of the Week is the Blue jay. This is a very common back yard bird here in Reading and a frequent visitor to feeders. This large, showy, noisy, blue bird has a crest with white spots in the wings and tail. The upper parts of the the bird are various shades of blue. The male and female birds look alike.
While many Blue jays migrate, others live year-round in our area. Some people don't like Blue jays because they are loud and aggressive and occasionally eat the eggs and nestlings of other birds. Blue jays can mimic the calls of certain hawks.
To learn more about the Blue jay and to hear it's song, click on the link:


Larisa Kreismanis said...

Hi Mr.Williams!!!

I read all about Blue Jays on the website. A thing that I found interesting was that the Blue Jays love to eat acorns from oak trees. In my yard there's a huge oak tree and every year tons of acorns fall from it. Now I know why there are so many Blue Jays in my yard!


twilightolympinolivia said...

hay mr. willams i love your pick fore bird of the week i like birdds and i am looking foward to are fild trip