Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Drying out - Learning About Evaporation

In today's activity, we looked at several of the factors that effect evaporation. The students were given a piece of paper towel. Using the electronic balance scale, they massed the paper towel and recorded it's mass. They then measured and poured 25ml of water into a small beaker. Then they stuffed the paper towel into the beaker and got the paper towel soaking wet. They took it out and squeezed as much of the water out as possible. There challenge was then to see what group could dry out their paper towel enough so that the mass of it would be equal to, or less than, the original mass.

After the activity, we generated a list of 4 factors that influence how fast or slow evaporation occurs.

1. Heat - the more, the better.

2. Moving air - the more, the better.

3. Exposed surfaced area - the more, the better.

4. Humidity - the less, the better.

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