Monday, January 5, 2009

Bird of the Week - XVll

This week's "Bird of the Week" is the American goldfinch. The Am. goldfinch is a small, colorful, abundant songbird. American Goldfinch is frequently found in weedy fields where it eats the seeds of weeds, flowers, and other plants. It is a common visitor to backyard bird feeders where it will often appear in flocks.

The Goldfinch is a small bird, about 4 - 5 inches long, with a small, pink, pointed, conical bill. It's wings are dark with large, white wingbars. The body is bright yellow to a dull brown and it's tail is short and notched. The breeding male is a bright yellow with a black cap and wings.
The American Goldfinch is one of the latest nesting birds. It usually does not start until late June or early July, when most other songbirds are finishing with breeding. The late timing may be related to the availability of suitable nesting materials and seeds for feeding young.

This winter, Pine siskins have been appearing at thistle seed feeders long with the Am. goldfinches. They can be a challenge to tell apart.
Photos from All About Birds.

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Edmund said...

The birds are so funny with their color. Although I don’t really love to care for them, I always love to see them and hear their voice especially in the morning. The voice can calm me down and makes me ready to face my days.