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Drying Out – Learning About Evaporation Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Drying Out – Learning About Evaporation

What factors influence how fast or slow something dries out? What conditions allow for evaporation to happen the quickest? To investigate these questions, you and your partners will get one paper towel and find the mass of it using the electronic balance at the front of the room. Record its mass here ______g.
Next, measure out 25ml of water using a graduated cylinder and pour it into a beaker. Stuff the paper towel into the beaker so that it absorbs all of the water.
Now you are ready to begin. Write the time it is now here ________. Ready, set, go! Dry out the paper towel until it is back to its original mass. You may use anything you can find in the classroom to help you provided that it is safe. NO OPEN FLAMES ARE ALLOWED! Record the time you finished here _______.
Under what conditions will evaporation happen the fastest? List 4 factors below.

1. Heat - the more, the better.
2. Circulating air (wind) - the more, the better.
3. Surface area - the more, the better.
4. Humidity - the lower, the better.
How does your clothes dryer at home incorporate (use) these factors to dry your clothes?


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