Thursday, May 27, 2010

Working With Compounds - l

 We mixed Manganese dioxide(MnO2) and Hydrogen peroxideH2O2) together and a chemical reaction occurred. A chemical reaction is a process in which substances undergo chemical change. Some indications of a chemical reaction include: smoking, bubbling or foaming, change in temperature, a color change, or an odor. This chemical reaction bubbled. Bubbles indicate the presence of a gas. We tested the gas with a glowing wood splint and the splint burst into flames indicating that the gas was oxygen (O).

Working With Compounds – I

               Manganese dioxide (MnO2)                Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

                      Properties                                               Properties
                     1.                                                            1.
                     2.                                                            2.
                     3.                                                            3.
                    4.                                                            4.
                    5.                                                            5.

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