Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sink or Float? - Clay and Aluminum boats

During the past several days the students have been exploring buoyancy.  They took a small, 30g. piece of clay and watched it sink when put into their tank of water.  Their objective was to see if they could get the clay to float and keep at least 2 marbles afloat for 30 seconds.  Almost everyone was successful, with some students getting as many as 9 marbles floating in their boat!

Next, the students were given 2 different sized squares of aluminum foil, one 4" x 4" and the other 8" x 8".  They first predicted how many marbles the small boat could hold and then tested their prediction.  They did the same for the large square of foil.  Some of the large boats held over 100 marbles!

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plumbing supplies said...

It depends on the shape of the clay. Basin-shaped clay will float on water, but it will sink after few minutes because of its weight.