Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Elements Project

To help you learn more about a particular element and familiarize yourself with the Periodic Table of the Elements, you will select one element and research it. We will do all the research during science classes by using the laptops in the classroom. You will have to do the art work at home. Each student will research a different element, so have a second and a third choice ready. The work is due on, or by, Tuesday, May 13th

You may use paints, markers, cut paper, stencils, downloaded pictures, word processed writing, whatever you want in putting the information on your card. Make sure you are neat!

Make use of the following sources to help you:
· Periodic Table of the Elements in the back of your agenda.
· the 4 web sites contained on Edline.

1. On the front side of the card, centered at the top, put the name of your element.__________

2. In the center of the card, in big letters, put the chemical symbol. ______

3. Then place the following information anywhere else on the front of the card:
· Atomic number _________
· Atomic mass _________
· State of matter _________
· Metal, Metalloid, or Nonmetal ____________
· Number of protons, electrons, and neutrons ____________
· Density _________
· Color _________

4. On the back of the card, put the following information:
* Date of discovery ___________
· Discoverer ____________
· Natural or synthetic (man made) ______________
· Origin of name _____________________________________
· Obtained from _______________________________________________
· Uses _______________________________________________________
· Other interesting facts about the element___________________________
· Picture/drawing of the element

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