Monday, March 26, 2012

Snowy owls!

To be this close to this impressive bird is incredible!
Today I had the wonderful opportunity to see and hear Norm Smith speak about his almost 30 years of working with Snowy owls!  Norm is the director of the MA Audubon Society's Blue Hills Trailside Museum.  He has been studying Snowy owls since 1981.  He has been doing research into their migration patterns and their ecological requirements.  He has obtained the necessary permits and permissions to capture Snowy owls at Logan airport.  He has color marked and leg banded most of these birds.  In addition, he has attached satellite transmitters to some of the birds.  The data collected via satellite telemetry on these birds will provide critical information on the physical health and the elusive migration patterns of Snowy owls wintering in Massachusetts.  To learn more about the MA Audubon's Snowy Owl Project, click here.  These photos were used with the permission of Sean Riley  and Dave Larson
A beautiful close-up of this magnificent bird!

I am holding the wing of a Snowy owl.  This bird met it's death at Logan airport and Norn uses these parts for education purposes.

Look at those eyes!
Here is Norm pointing out something of interest.

Norm and the Snowy.

The owl is set free!


Mrs. lockwood said...

Wow, Mr. Williams! What an amazing experience. Those are great pictures!

Anonymous said...

How lucky are you. That bird is amazing.

~Ty W. :D